What Is Lightway?

Lightway was designed from inception with the unique challenges of lighting data centers in mind. Our remote driver allows us to hang the light where it is needed and the driver can be placed in the most convenient location. Powering the lights off the critical power bus eliminates an entire electrical distribution system.


  • Available in 2 ft., 4 ft., 6 ft., 8 ft., and 10 ft. lengths.
  • Housing is extruded aluminum with a standard anodize black finish.
  • Proprietary frosted acrylic lens eliminates pixilation of LEDs on inspection surfaces.
  • Frosted end caps fastened to body for strength and rigidity

Key Benefits

  • Better Light Quality
  • Reduce Installation Costs
  • Reduce Clutter Above the Racks
  • Power Lights from the Critical Power Distribution System
  • Hang Lights Were They Are Needed With the Ability to Remote the Drivers and Occupancy Sensors
  • Eliminate Lighting Electrical Distribution System